Bumble – Find a Date, Meet Friends & Network App Reviews

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Pretty good

Very nice. High five!

Works well, interesting & high-quality profiles...overall a very positive experience. I recommend it!


Its a great app to let women do the work!

Classier Swipes

This is a great app, similar to other popular swipe-dating apps, but seems to have a little more class allowing the women to reach out first.


I hope to meet my future ex-wife on here.

Update is awful

I dont want to see deleted users, expired matches from four weeks ago, I only wanna speak to active people This new update is awful you cant delete anyone without them coming back five minutes later Sort it out

This app

It weeps out the girls looking forbthat ego booster :)

just stop asking me to rate the app and let me use it.

got it?


Could you please fix the distance feature on the app? Every time I set it to (for example) 15 miles, it still shows people who are more than that distance away from me. Thanks !!

Highly recommended

I really like this dating app. Its simple and less stressing than the other dating sites.

Loading issues

I updated the app and now, when I try to open it, it just has a continuous loading sign. Very frustrating.

No Facebook? Sorry! You cant use this app.

You need to have a Facebook account to join "(and who doesnt these days?)" ME! I dont have a Facebook account. Unbelievable, I know. Leaving FB was one of the best life decisions Ive made. So much less drama and less time wasted. Somehow not having social media makes me ineligible use this app. Im sorry Bumble, I was excited to use this app but instead am offended because I am not a fan of social media. Shame on you for excluding those of us who dont choose social media. Id have given this app zero stars but that was not an option.


This app is great

Awesome app, love the interface

Love it, sort of a 21st century feminist approach. The woman now have a choice to only speak to people she chooses.

Great concept

Great way to flip initiation onto the ladies, makes them more proactive in matches

Better than tinder

Honestly the only dating app I use. This is how tinder should have been.

Much better.

This app weeds out the women who are just looking for an ego boost. Ive actually had conversation on here and met up with some people. Im surprised this app is not more popular than tinder! As its far far better. As a guy, its refreshing to have a lady message you first because it actually shows she has interest in you and possibly setting up a date with you. to all the people saying they are bots. That would HURT bumble more than help them, because then no one would use it(since women have to message first). Or that there is no one in your city(maybe move out of the boondocks). Ive matched and had discussions with more women in 3 days of having this than I did with a year on tinder. Just be nice, this seems to be a legitimate dating app, so please dont ruin it if youre just on here for simple hookups, go pollute tinder or something. Leave this to people who are actually looking for something and using it for its true potential.

Lets get ready to Bumble!!

Overall I love this app, Ive met some awesome people who turned into great friends. Still takes some getting used to that I have to be the one who sends the first message which isnt bad, but Im a shy person and often just let people slip away. For the guys who need reminding that they should reply back.. Its kind of pointless to keep a profile and match with you yet they never say anything and they go back into the pile of potential hotties only to do the same thing over and over again. There should be something for those who dont use their time wisely like there account is frozen for 24 hours or something to teach them a little lesson. Also the time it takes for the app to load is the longest 2 minutes of my life. Maybe someone from the bumble team could help bring this to the light and help speed up the process. I dont remember tinder ever taking this long. I would give bumble 5 stars, but the loading time should be fixed first thats my only problem with this app. Otherwise I absolutely love it and I recommend it to all my single and ready to mingle friends and they love it too! Keep up the good work guys!

Fun app

Prob a lot better in bigger cities. Have yet to have a girl respond to me (only like 2 "matches" in a month or so) but its def a fun app and still taking off I think. Jump on now before it really pops off!

Mysteriously Blocked?

One day I couldnt log on and figured it was (per usual) one of the many glitches Id dealt with over the previous 6 months. I began troubleshooting and eventually checked my email and found Id been blocked for attempting to scam other users. Obviously I have no f*<*ing clue what they were talking about. Furthermore, Ive never been inappropriate or vicious or jerky with any girls on the site. I find it absurd that one can be reported and blocked with no proof whatsoever. Who knows why someone decided to report me? Maybe it was a girl I didnt respond to after a boring conversation. Bumble seems to be the dating app that is militant about only serving its female users. I read online that they publicly shamed some a*+hole for being very abrasive with a female. He sounded like a jerk but who the hell are they to block people for being rude? Im a very liberal guy but this all seems to be a part of the insane politically correct standards these so-called progressives are jamming down our throats.

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