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Is jut


App is great

Better than tinder and hinge

Love this app it is a cut above the rest especially now with the bff option. I always used bumble to find new friends when Im traveling. Everyone uses it (even in Bangkok Thailand!) Im from Canada.

Really fun!

Too long to load

Like it otherwise

Weak "dating/friendship" app

Are there even any active users? Timed connections kind of defeat the purpose of a "dating" app. If you connect with someone they have to send you a message or the connection expires. What if they didnt check the app that day? Dumb idea.

Great app. Met someone really great on here and well see how it goes.

Weve known each other 8 months now and its nice.

Cant upload photo

Installed it and gave access to Facebook but then I couldnt get past the upload photo page because it wouldnt accept any of my photos from Facebook or my phone.


The fact that you need Facebook to use it is stupid and If I wanted to meet guys in my friends list Id message them, its a useless waste of space and frankly is worse then meeting face to face

No good

Cant use it as it wont even upload photos from FB, library or camera.


barely get matches. when you do, you cant even message them unless they message you first, kinda stupid that way

I hope you like notifications reminding you to use your apps!

Because Bumble sure likes sending them! Arent these against the App Store ToS?

Good idea in theory

But doesnt cut it in real life as its full of apathetic sarcastic and apathetic douchebags. Guys get positive reinforcement for not putting in any effort. Seriously, fill out the three sentences in your description so that no one has to waste their time (ie. I want a threesome/committed relationship/looking for fun/white chicks only)

Crap for BFF

They took a dating app extremely similar to other swipe apps and added a BFF feature, where you are judging BFFs based on their profile pictures (head shots and dating style profile pics) with limited information and no way to match interests with a potential BFF. Useless. They should make a separate BFF app if they want to dabble in it.


Spam text messaging when I download app, the spam will go away after deleting app.

Constantly asks for reviews

Regularly nags the user to review the app.

Good premise

Still has a few bugs to workout, like your mutual Facebook friends not showing up, or lost connections not reappearing again but a good app nonetheless. I like the girls needing to message and the time restrictions forcing conversations. Wouldnt mind if it had a bump/reminder thing for stale conversations but minor qualms

Virtual dating

Bumble is an app where men cant do anything but swipe to affirm a womans attractiveness. Bumble is an app for women who dont want anything but the daily notification message that they have been right-swiped 400 times since breakfast. These women want your click, not your

Good app

Good app. Just wish more people would use it. :)


This app sucked. I used it for over two months and I got no connections. I changed so much and I was liking so many people but then I only had like three people. If you are trying to meet people I would not suggest this app.

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